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The Summer School 2016 Dance teacher, Gary and a student dance on The Neighbourhood Playhouse Theatre stage a Jazz Dance Routine on Wednesday, 13th July 2016 - Enjoy:

New York

June 20th to August 3rd 2015

The six week course at The Acting Studio in W54Street, NYC was my first experience of The Meisner Technique and was on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday (1..00pm to 4.00pm)...the rest of the time was spent exploring Manhattan and the locations linked to The Clash & Steve McQueen...


New York

June 6th to July 15th 2016

The six-week Summer School was truly, an amazing experience surrounded by professional tutors and talented students.

The daily timetable started at 9.00am and finished at 5.30pm.

The activities included the History of the Group Theatre, Jazz Dance,The Meisner Technique, On Camera, Physical Theatre, Shakespeare and Voice & Speech...if you want to experience this superb course at The Neighbourhood Playhouse, then apply for the 2017 course as soon as you can.

The ambience of this historical building is something that will be part of me for the rest of my life.

And the fact that Steve McQueen was interviewed by Sandy Meisner as a 20 year year old and was offered a two year stay, after his three year stint in the Marines, allowed me to 'walk the walk'...which others may not have been aware of...and for which I will be extremely grateful for!


On Tuesday, 8th September 2015 someone suggested that I write a blog about my experiences in New York City and here goes!

Saturday, 20th June 2015

A friend drove me to the Bournemouth Coach station where I boarded a coach to a Heathrow Airport Terminal to fly out to New York on Saturday, 20th June 2015. I had never flown over such a long distance and found myself talking to an American couple who had flown to the UK to visit their daughter who was studying at one of the Universities that are scattered throughout the Highlands & Lowlands of Scotland.

I can recommend flying with Virgin Airways as they were very accommodating and appeared to feed you non-stop!! The cost of the return flight was just over £ 550...arrived at JFK airport around seven hours later and after passing through customs boarded a Metro to Howard Beach station where we all got off and paid $6 to pass through the barrier to the main Metro terminal. The station master suggested purchasing a Metro card for the month for $117. This allowed me to travel through New York City for approximately $4 per day. Which was very cheap.

Sunday, 21st June 2015
I travelled on the Metro to my first of four "Airbnb" accommodations arriving late on Saturday, 20th June 2015 in Brooklyn. The room was very basic and just off from the main apartment where a family of three lived in their cramped lounge alongside their bedroom and a small 1rest room'. In America, the word 'toilet' is not usually uttered aloud. I realised that I would need to find a local bar to escape to and the elongated Irish bar just across the road from the apartment was where I based myself over the next three nights. The evening passed by with the help of several flat screen TV's showing the Women's World Cup which was eventually won by the USA team...

The single bed in Brooklyn...

On Sunday, I took the Metro under the Brooklyn bridge and into Manhattan...

Bedford-Nostrand was the nearest Metro station and is located on the right of the map below:

Walking towards the Metro station, I spied upon a wall a beautiful statement which was captured on my 'philosophical' mobile phone:

Monday, 22nd June 2015 - Airbnb accommodation moved up to W137th Street - a monthly Metro card for $117 (£80) was bought to travel around Manhattan...

Three weeks later my accommodation moved up to W189th Street

Manhattan was very hot during the months of June and July 2015 and on occasions the water hydrant was deliberately set off and spilled out water throughout the day...

Ralph Ellison an American writer lived at 730 Riverside Drive - just a few blocks north of where I lived...


(2016 - picture on a wall in a Pub on 9th Avenue & 46th street)


After releasing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," U2 heard a cassette featuring a gospel choir from Harlem covering the song. While on The  Joshua Tree Tour in 1987, the band met up with the choir at their church and rehearsed the song with them,  backed up only with guitar and a conga -




(2016 - Walking through Harlem, a shop window was remembering The Great Muhammed Ali who sadly died 3rd June 2016)

Muhammad Ali arrives to read one of his poems during a contest at the Bitter End, a Greenwich Village coffeehouse and nightclub, in 1963...

The Metro underground is made up of numbers and letters (N,Q). So the RED underground line includes 1, 2 and 3 trains. Often when on a train there will be an announcement - "This is the ONE stop W42 Street. This is Times Square and it was important to take a photograph of a building here:

In Times Square people were celebrating the "Solstice" by praying using their bright, red mat.

Times Square on W42St. would become the 'focal' point through my six week stay...although my initial impression was that I wanted to return to the 'peace and tranquility' of Dorset in South-West England! After a few days, I decided to embrace the experience...

I was here to attend a Meisner Technique course at The Actors Studio and to search for any Steve McQueen locations in Manhattan and in particular Greenwich Village which is where McQueen was based as a twenty year old after leaving the Marines.

My first website: has a LINK page to some of New York which I made reference to during my residency in NYC...

The second underlying reason for my visit was to locate where The Clash 'punk' band had performed at The Palladium and Bonds and where they had lived during their visits to NYC. My other website: was used as a reference point...


Film locations in New York would be found using this informative website:


Steve McQueen filmed 'Love With A Proper Stranger' in Manhattan during 1963...

Film locations:


Steve and Natalie Woods receive instructions from director Robert Mulligan, centre, during location shooting of 'Love with a Proper Stranger' in New York March 22, 1963. Director of photography Milton Krasner, right, listens in...


2016 photographs of the MEATPACKING area...


Location: Filming in the Meatpacking District...between Gansevoort Street and W 14th St.


Steve McQueen at work in the early morning hours on the Lower West Side of Manhattan for a scene from Love with the Proper Stranger. NYC, 1962.

(ConEd bridge on 14th and 3rd Avenue in the background)


Location: West 11th Street and West 4th Street, Manhattan - McQueen walks away from his girlfriend's apartment.

Location: East 10th Street and Avenue A, Manhattan is Natalie Woods abode was in the film near to Tompkins Square Park...

East 10th Street with park..

Steve McQueen crossing East 10th Street and approaches Natalie Woods' abode..

And of course, all good cities has a cowboy of some sort or another...(2015)


There again, all good cities has a 'character' of some sort or another...(2016)

Steve McQueen attended the Neighbourhood Playhouse at 340 East 54 Street in New York in 1951...

The Neighbourhood Playhouse

On Thursday, 9th July 2015 at 6.30pm attended an OPEN HOUSE evening to see around The Neighbourhood Playhouse with the intention of returning next year!!

I was interviewed on my return to England across SKYPE and performed a monologue as part of my interview with the Principal of the Drama school so I fly out to New York in June 2016....

Steve McQueen obtained a two year scholarship to attend the HB Studios

Opposite HB Studio

Attended two weekends 'VOICE OVER' course (25/7/15 & 26/7/15 and 1/8/15 & 2/8/15) - $160

Located a 'Meisner' acting coach in Greenwich Village and attended several workshops in the evenings -

THE ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATRE - - took a Zumba & a Beginner West African dance class -

405 W 55th St. New York, NY 10019-4402




Interestingly, the Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman lived in the adjoining road to that of BANK STREET on the fourth floor at 35, Bethune St. (Pickwick House)...sadly he died on the 2nd February, 2014...

He also had links with the Labyrinth Theatre Company nearby...







Phillip was involved in the local theatre known as The Labyrinth Theatre Company at 155, Bank Street..


Davis Bowie lived at 285 Lafayette St, New York NY 10012



Located: 120, Prince St, New York...

Located: 560 Broadway, New York...

David Bowie drank in the Puck Fair..

Steve McQueen auditioned for The Actors Studio at 432 West 44th Street in the Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood  of Manhattan in New York (Founded: October 5th, 1947).

On Monday, 22nd June 2015 I stood outside The Actors Studio on West 44th Street, not realising that I should have been at The Acting Studio in W54th Street form the Meisner Technique acting course...

Arriving late was something that appeared to go against me over the next 6 weeks at The Acting Studio as my tutor was always dropping a comment about an English abroad...

We commenced the session with the Meisner Technique of 'repetition' which is where you sit opposite your partner on a chair and you describe something about them:

"You have a blue top on."

They repeat in the 'first person' :

"I have a blue top on."

This continues until there is an 'impulse' to change the response:

"You are smiling at me."

"I am smiling at you."

The classes were on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday from 1.00pm to 4.00pm.

I immediately made friends with a colleague who was based in New Jersey and travelled into Manhattan each day, which took her approximately two hours. Over the six weeks, we would find different Irish Pubs nearby to drink and chat before she travelled back to New Jersey on a coach from Port Authority Bus Terminal at 625 8th Avenue.

Whenever I had a spare moment, I would search for locations linked to The Clash punk band and to Steve McQueen and Neile Adams. On Broadway, Neile appeared at St.James Theatre at 246, W44th Street -

Steve McQueen appeared in a play, 'A Hatful of Rain' at the Lyceum Theatre at 149, W45th Street -

Opposite the Lyceum Theatre was where I took coffee - BOND 45 Restaurant...


Monday, 22nd June 2015

The Clash locations included:  


 - Electric Lady Studios (52 West Eighth Street, Greenwich Village, NYC 10011



- The Hit Factory at 421, West 54th Street & The Plazza at 17, Plaza Place -

Tuesday, 23rd June 2015  
Moved from the Brooklyn accommodation onto the "One train" and up to 635, 137th St.Nicholas Avenue, Upper Manhattan, the heart of Harlem. Up a lift and the 6th Floor where a room awaited with a single bed and a bathroom with table and chair. The 'artistic' flat had four bedrooms, a communal bathroom, a dining room, lounge and a kitchen area. Already, I have provisionally booked this abode for next June/July 2016!!


The Clash played at the Palladium, NYC on the 21st September 1979 and Paul Simonon smashed his bass guitar - East 14th Street between Irving Place and Third Avenue -

The building is now called "TRADER JOE'S WINE SHOP"

The Clash stayed at the Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC.
The Clash band stayed in The Iroquois Hotel:

James Dean lived in this hotel from 1951 - 1953. His room is now known as the James Dean Suite...

James Dean walking hatless, cigarette in his mouth, on a rainy evening in Times Square in 1959 in this famous photograph by Dennis Stock. Photograph was taken in lower Times Square just across from the entrance to Bubba Gump's Shrimp between 43rd and 44th Streets.

This iconic photograph by Dennis Stock was taken in Times Square, New York,1955. The black railings have now been replaced by 'posts' in the road...but BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP is the same point of reference.

(This 1950's photograph shows the same concrete-based street dividers James Dean was walking past in the rain)


In the distance you can see these 'posts' in the distance on the RIGHT


Sunday, 28th June 2015 - Chelsea Hotel - 23rd Street  


Monday, 29th June 2015  
Walking through Manhattan, my British humour kicked in as I spied a dead "War of the Worlds" alien-spider in the form of a yellow taxi which are allowed to dominate the Manhattan landscape on a daily basis.

Thursday, 25th June 2015  


Sunday, 28th June 2015 -  W79th Street: Dakota Building is where John Lennon and Yoko lived...




The Dakota Building entrance where John Lennon was gunned down on the 8th December 1980 at 10.50pm...
Turn LEFT out of the Dakota Building and the Central Park West awaits...
Turn RIGHT out of the Dakota Building towards W79Street Metro...

Opposite the Dakota Building is the entrance to CENTRAL PARK WEST...
Where Central Park and W59St. meet is a clothes store with two superb statutes:  

Manhattan images...
(2016 - Mobile phone dropped outside the Lyceum Theatre so the Apple Store kindly repaired the phone for $140 !!!)

(2016 - Chelsea Market)


(2016 - 42nd Street Metro)

TRAVIS BARKER - Book Signing... (2016)
Brooklyn Bridge (2016)...a walk across the bridge!

(Towards Brooklyn...)

(View from Brooklyn side towards Lower Manhattan)

(Returning to Manhattan...)



GRAND CENTRAL - wall display


Each day, I left the apartment on boarded the Metro on W137St. Riverside Drive in Harlem, and took the (1) train to W42St. and then got the S train to Grand Central Station and then walked to the platform to get on either the 4, 5 or 6 train to E51St. and then walked to the "Oxford Cafe Pizza" shop for my $4 coffee. Then walked onto E54St. where The Neighbourhood Playhouse was located...

Unbeknown to me until the end of the six week course that opposite the Oxford Cafe Pizza shop was where Marilyn Monroe's dress blew up whilst standing over an air vent outside 590, E52nd Street and Lexington the film 'The Seven Year Itch.'

On the other side of the road, and opposite the Oxford Cafe Pizza shop, is the L'Entrecote shop with the red canvas cover...




Tuesday,30th June 2015 - Niagara Bar - Joe Strummer Mural
Punk scene in New York -The Punk clothes...TRASH & VAUDEVILLE based at 4, St.Marks Place, East Street since 1975.
Trash and Vaundeville is a store located at 96 East 7th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue as of March 2016.
The store was located at 4 St.Mark's Place in Manhattan, New York, behind the St.Mark's Hotel on two floors within the historic Hamilton-Holly House building. The store is associated with the clothing styles of punk rock and various other counter culture movements, and has been a leading source of fashion inspiration since its inception...
The store occupied the same location on St.Mark's Place, a punk rock mecca, from 1975 to February 2016. The "Trash" store was located in a basement which formerly housed a pinball parlour. The "Vaundeville" store was housed right above "Trash" and could be accessed via an iron staircase. Although physically separated, the two stores are regarded as one entity.
In July 2015, Trash and Vaundeville announced that they would be moving from St.Mark's Place to 96 East 7th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Trash and Vaundeville is famous for clothing stars like the Ramones and Debbie Harry of Blondie during the golden age of punk rock in the 1970's and 80's.Many of today's top musicians and celebrities are still clothed by the store.

Ray Goodman, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, is the owner. Punk icon, Jimmy Webb is both the manager and primary buyer...

TRASH & VAUDEVILLE  moved to 96, E 7th Street...



Shea Stadium

William A. Shea Municipal Stadium / Shea Stadium /Shea was a stadium in the New York City borough of Queens, in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park.It was the home baseball park of Major League Baseball's New York Mets from 1964 to 2008. Originally built as a multi-purpose stadium, Shea was also the home of the New York Jets football team from 1964 to 1983. It was named in honour of William A. Shea, the man who was most responsible for bringing National League baseball back to New York. It was demolished in 2009 to furnish additional parking for the adjacent Citi Field, the current home of the Mets.



The Beatles appeared at the Shea Stadium on Sunday, 15th August 1965


The Clash appeared in October 1982

Shea Stadium with Manhattan skyline in the distance, 1981.

The new stadium was built in the car park and then the 'Shea' became the new car park for the Citifield Stadium...

AVATAR STUDIOS - Avatar Studios, formerly known as THE POWER STATION, is a recording studio at 441 West 53rd Street in Manhattan, New York City. The building was originally a power plant; but after a period of vacancy, it was used as a sound stage for a television game show series. In 1977, it was rebuilt as a recording studio and gained renown as one of the finest acoustic environments for recording in the world. The complex was renamed Avatar Studios (under the Avatar Entertainment Corporation) in May, 1996. The Clash recorded here during the late 1970's.

Saturday, 4th July 2015  
The weekend allowed time for Manhattan to be explored and with it the unexpected such as this "Pop-Up" shop which had an Aladdin cave of art and more art...

Gallow Green was a superb restaurant with a 'roof top' bar....highly recommend this venue...

542 W 27th St, New York 10001

Sunday, 5th July 2015 - 'Free' Boat trip to Staten Island:


Friday, 17th July 2015 - Katz's Deli  


Greenwich Village:

In Greenwich Village is the iconic street MacDougal St. and W3 St. with Washington Square Park nearby -

refer to map below...

Coffee Houses on MacDougal Street:

Washington Square Park was an 'iconic' place frequented during my six week stay in New York...

Apparently, it was also a place David Bowie regularly visited:

BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (2016) - Washington Square Park was used for this classic film in 1967...but somehow this statue has moved!!
111, Waverley Street, Greenwich Village (2016) was used in Barefoot In The Park...

(Waverly Place, looking west towards Sixth Avenue (1967). Waverly restaurant in the background was called the TWIN BROTHERS with 45 Christopher Street in the distance).


Greenwich Village is where Steve McQueen based himself after leaving the marines in 1950 as a 20 year old.

Click on the newspapers:
Steve McQueen's mother lived at 118, MacDougal Street, Greenwich Village...a cold water flat.
Steve McQueen stayed with Richard Martin for a short period of time at 27, North Washington Square while apartment hunting.

But he lived in a half a dozen places..





Steve McQueen on cover of "Crime Detective Magazine" Vol. 5 #1 May 1958 with a photo on the inside of the magazine...
CBS Television Wanted Dead or Alive actor Steve McQueen, driving a rented Mercedes Benz 300L, and his wife Neile Adams visit Central Park, NY...

Images dated May 6, 1960.

Steve McQueen and his wife Neile Adams visit his old haunts in Greenwich Village, NY.
 The rubble that Steve McQueen is standing on is Gristedes now. Corner of West 4th and Barrow was once where Louis' Tavern stood.

This is the building which has been built on the rubble McQueen is walking across in Sheridan Square...

Source: Marie Fotini (2016)
(236, Sullivan Street) ?
(236-240 Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village)
Source: Marie Fotini (2016)
Apparently, when Steve McQueen became famous in Hollywood he would return to Greenwich Village and drop into a blacked out windows 'Members Only' drinking parlour, in Sullivan Street, with allegedly gangster influences..

Steve McQueen often went into Louie's bar in Greenwich Village for something to eat, nearby was Circle in the Square Theatre opposite Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village.
THEN - Circle in the Square Theatre, 1950's - 5, Sheridan Square.

To the LEFT of the Circle Theatre was Louis Tavern (196, West 4th Street).

NOW - Theatre replaced by apartments
San Remo Bar at 93,MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village..

Denise McCluggage lived at 11, Cornelia Street. This street is just around the corner where Denise and Steve McQueen would meet at Joe's Luncheonette on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village.
Cornelia Street can be seen on the left of the photograph below. Joe's Lunchenette on West 4th Street has been replaced by KARAVAS TAVERN

Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village...


Grover Van Dexter, who owned Second Childhood (283 Bleecker Street, near Seventh Avenue), had collected antique toys for 30 years. His stock included a handmade wooden train, circa 1870; tin windup toys; dolls, and much more. Price are $1.50 to $2,250.


Grover Van Dexter...


"Naturally, there wasn’t much stability in being an actor and Van Dexter had many side jobs. “I started working at the old Whelan’s Drug store on Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street. One day some guy named Steve McQueen walked in. At that time I had a three-bedroom apartment around the corner and even though the rent was $105 I couldn’t afford it. So Steve moved in and became my roommate. He was so poor he didn’t have a pit to hiss in. One day when I came back from being on tour my landlord was furious because McQueen was upsetting the whole building. He used to rehearse all throughout the building, the roof, stairwells, anywhere. I had to kick him out but next thing I knew he was on some TV show called ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive.’ ”




Whelan' Drug Store on the corner of W8Street is now Liguiteria (1996)...

(Nedicks is now a store which is opposite Whelan's Drug Stote)

Sheridan Square was near Louis Tavern where McQueen grabbed a 'free' meal on several occasions...

Steve McQueen visited 70, Grove Street where PANDORA BOX coffee house was located -

Reference 1 -


Reference 2 - click on the image below:


Photo: Rienzi coffee house (1952-1965), 107, MacDougal St., Greenwich Village, ca. 1950-1958


I lived at 11 Cornelia  Street. There was a gate that led to a building in the rear of the building on the street. I lived on the top floor of the building in back. Two flats on each floor. Mine was the one on the south side. All very small.

Directly across Cornelia street at that time was a small store front building which was usually a produce store. Then empty. I took it over and created an office for Competition Press, a racing newspaper that i was putting out at the time. After i sold it to Road & Track it travelled to California, then Nevada and later Detroit. It is now AutoWeek.

Steve was often at my office.

It no longer is there. The large building it was in had an entrance on 6th avenue around the corner. However sometime after I moved to Vermont  the owners of that apartment building remodelled and turned what had been my office into the entry of their building. Once on 6th ave, now on Cornelia.

Joes was on West 4th street one block toward Sheridan Square on the corner. The southeast corner. Don't know the address or what is there now. I met Steve in front of the luncheonette where he had his MG-TC parked and was showing someone a Herbert Johnson crash helmet friends had just sent to him from England. His TC was cream coloured. I had a red one at the time.

Steve was, in the next couple of weeks or months, set to go to LA to become Josh Randall on TV. His career was about to blossom into stardom.

Much of the rest of the story was in the piece I wrote for AutoWeek after Steve died.

Hope this helps.


(W.H.Auden lived at 7, Cornelia Street {1945-1953})
This "skip" is where McQueen would park his cream-coloured MG-TC car.

Interestingly, the TIC TAC TOE shop opposite the skip is where Bob Dylan lived during the early days of his musical experiences...and opposite Dylan's flat was where the front cover of "The Freewheelin'" LP was Jones Street, Greenwich Village.


(West 4th Street - Jones Street on the right - look up the street is where DYLAN'S album cover was photographed)

Dylan lived at 161, West 4th Street...

FREEWHEELIN' - BOB DYLAN (1963, Columbia)

Location: Outside 5 Jones Street near the intersection of West 4th Street, Greenwich Village, NYC. Dylan wore a thin suede jacket and his girlfriend Suze Rotolo wore a green Loden coat she had bought in Italy..


NYC - Greenwich Village: 92-94 MacDougal Street - These buildings were owned by Bob Dylan (1969-1973)

Steve McQueen met Neile, his future wife, in Upper Manhattan (W57th Street) and decided to move into her apartment at number 37 W57th Street):

This receipt signed when in Hollywood shows where the McQueen's lived in New York - bottom left hand corner and second line from the bottom clearly reads: 37 W57th Street - which was Neile's apartment which they kept..


Steve McQueen would leave the apartment and turn the corner and play baseball with friends in Central Park..

(The McQueen's lived at number 37 W57th Street- which has been demolished and replaced with a modern building. Interestingly, number 35 still stands today and is a reminder to what number 37 would have looked like back in the 1950's....very much, a jewel in the crown!!)

Carnegie Hall 881, 7th Avenue, occupying the east stretch of Seventh Avenue between West 56th Street and West 57th Street, two blocks south of Central Park...Neile Adams danced here..

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